Completing your FAFSA is just the first step in financing your education. Refer to the hints below to ensure that your financial aid will be available at the time the bill is due.

Check Your Email Regularly for notices from the Department of Education

Respond promptly to any requests for corrections or missing data. If possible correct data online at www.FAFSA.gov.

Make any adjustments to income once your tax return is completed. In October of 2016 Prior Prior Year Income Tax information will be used.

Promptly respond to any school requests for additional information or documents.

If you have extenuating circumstances such as job loss please notify each financial aid office promptly.

Colleges will send you an award notification. Please read all information to make sure that you understand the terms associated with your awards. Note: For assistance, attend a College Goal Maryland, Inc. Understanding Your Award Session. Check www.collegegoalmaryland.org for locations.

Finalize your financial plans by accepting the awards you wish to keep and securing funds to cover any remaining balance.

Complete paperwork for any aid accepted especially student loans.

If award student employment, follow procedures for securing a job on campus.

Notify your financial aid office of any outside or private scholarships/grants received.

Make copies and maintain files of all information.

Remember to complete the FAFSA ANNUALLY.

Attend a College Goal Maryland Event for FAFSA Completion Assistance.