About us

CGMD runs year round. April to October we partner with MSDE to develop and run college application completion programs in 55 high schools. From November to April we run 72 FAFSA completion programs across the State of Maryland. Roughly 4% of our sites focus solely on adult learners. This year we plan to have at least one of our Baltimore City high schools compete in First Lady Obama's initiative. Per the request of FSA we organize a statewide FA training for high school counselors, CGMD site coordinators, and other stakeholders. In April we develop and run four Understanding Your Award Letter regional sites in Maryland. In May, we assist high schools with Decision Day. In June we run a series of credit repair workshops for parents of 9-11 graders so that families will not run into any issues if loans are needed to help Finance College later. After each program we provide online surveys, analyze data, and report to various constituencies. This year we plan to register with the clearinghouse to be able to track students to see who actually enrolled in college, stopped out, matriculated, or graduated. We also run a toll free number answering mostly calls about financial aid however we do receive calls about other higher ED topics that we address. Again this year we will partner with the College Bound Foundation and assign financial aid professionals to their schools to serve as resources for their counselors. We will also participate in their Principal training in October.

Currently our target populations are first-generation, low income, adult learners, and any other underserved populations.

The College Goal Sunday program was created by the Indiana Student Financial Aid Association with funding from Lilly Endowment, Inc., and with supplemental support from Lumina Foundation for Education.